NuvaRing – Good or Bad?

There are several types of birth control procedures available in the market nowadays. Yet one particular type of birth control has taken the interest of many women because of its convenience and uniqueness. This particular birth control method is the NuvaRing vaginal ring contraceptive.

The NuvaRing is a non-pill contraceptive that consists of a plastic ring to be inserted in the vagina for a specific period of time. It is made from a flexible and transparent form of plastic that will be inserted into the vagina for approximately three weeks. On the fourth week or the week wherein a woman’s monthly period is expected, the NuvaRing will be taken out.

One of the major factors that has brought recognition to this non-pill contraceptive is the fact that not a lot of women are comfortable with birth control pills anymore.So, to those ladies who were always insecure about their old birth control method, this unassuming contraceptive is a wish come true. On another note, this contraceptive is not appropriate for all women. Women who are possibly pregnant, smokers and those with a medical history of heart diseases and blood clotting are just some who will be advised not to use NuvaRing. This is in lieu with the side effects known to come from using this certain contraceptive. Blood clotting, heart attacks, high blood strokes, heart disease, gallbladder disease, liver problems and even certain cancers are just a few of the possible complications that a woman may get from using the NuvaRing.

Like most birth control methods, the NuvaRing exudes hormones to prevent a woman from getting pregnant. Not all hormones used as a contraceptive are the same, however.First, second, third and fourth generation hormones are just some of the differentiations between the hormones used for contraceptives. The hormones used in NuvaRing are third generation hormones also known as progestin desogestrel.Yet what is the difference between them all? As based on certain studies and findings of experts on birth control, third and fourth generation hormones are more dangerous than the first and second generation hormones.Moreover, it is because of these certain complications that might lead to serious health problems or even untimely deaths that a lot of health organizations have become wary of NuvaRing.

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