Safely Using the Vaginal Ring

A contraceptive device is as effective as to how the person uses it, most manufacturers explained, pointing out that the chances of becoming pregnant increases with every breach nuvaring lawsuitof procedure. The precise use of vaginal rings dictates the occurrence of future complications, according to health care providers. Though the device is effective, it may become worthless if the woman is not able to use it to its full potential, thus may put the woman at risk of accidentally getting pregnant. The misuse of the ring may as well have been the root of the woman’s anxiety. Thus, many women have their NuvaRing contraceptive cases assessed first before they send it to court.

A doctor’s prescription is needed first before acquiring one. The patient is evaluated first by the gynecologist. Smokers and women over the age of 35 are not good applicants for this type of contraception. Vaginal rings are also not allowed for women with blood pressure problems, blood sugar problems and obesity. Women who do not have such medical condition may be able to get the ring from their gynecologist. The procedure on starting the ring is then explained by the health care provider. The ring would then be inserted by most women during the fifth day of menstruation. However, if the ring is inserted after the fifth day, the woman may need to wait for seven days before intercourse.

The ring stays in place for three weeks after the woman inserts it. After the three weeks have passed, it is removed and the one stays ring-free for a week. When the ring gets out or is expelled during intercourse, the woman should wash it and re-insert it immediately. If more than three hours has passed and the ring is still not re-inserted, then there are two options. Reinsert a new ring on the spot or wait for the one week to pass and insert a new one. Bleeding or spotting is often seen when one reinsert a new ring on the spot while withdrawal bleed may be observed with the other.

Additional contraception may be advised when this happens. Blood pressure is kept in check through routine doctor check-up. If the doctor sees complications that may endanger the life of the patient, they might advise for the discontinuation of its use. Side effects may be found at the NuvaRing Lawsuit Information Center or at the for those who want to know more.

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